How To Avoid Wearing Out Your Spindles Too Fast

When you are working with a CNC machine, you'll want to follow certain procedures or else you will potentially damage your spindles. You may also face problems with your spindles that could damage the entire CNC machine.

Maintain Your CNC Machine

Make sure to maintain your CNC machine. If you have a choked air filter in your cooling system, this could lead to a spindle overheating. CNC machines have parts that are moving constantly and will need to be cleaned regularly so they can operate properly. If they are not cleaned regularly, this can lead to a build-up of dirt that could cause problems for your spindle.

Use a Balanced Tool Holder

Always use a balanced tool holder when using spindle speeds that are over 8,000 RPM. Otherwise, you'll see vibration marks and you'll also experience a shortened tool life. CNC machines vibrate in general and this can reduce the life of the machine itself. The vibrations also impact the quality of the machined part. If the CNC generates a loud noise, this can be a warning sign that something is wrong. To solve this, you will likely need to adjust the RPM of your machine.

Don't Use the Wrong Spindle Setup at a High Speed

When you will be machining at a high volume and at a high speed, one problem you'll likely face is overheating. A CNC machine tool can easily reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Overheating can affect all aspects of the CNC machining process including the finished product, the machine, and the tool. 

If you are using a greased spindle, this cannot be used over an extended time period. If you do need to use a spindle over an extended period, you are better off using a spindle with air-oil lubrication. Oil-jet lubrication spindles can be run at the highest setting for longer hours than any other setup. 

Work in a Cool Environment

You can also reduce overheating by changing the environment that the CNC is operating within. Make sure that there is adequate air circulation and open windows if possible. However, you also won't want so much wind or draft that it affects the accuracy of your CNC machine.

If you do develop any problems with your spindle, you'll need to turn to a supplier to purchase more. Fortunately, even if you have very custom spindles, there are suppliers that specialize in designing and mass-producing custom spindles for their clients.

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