3 Sure-Fire Ways Commercial Property Owners Can Select The Right Door Lite Kits

Commercial doors can be changed in a lot of ways, but a worthwhile option is adding door lite kits to them. They create a clear section of glass that allows you to see who's coming to your doors for security purposes. You can buy the right set by staying mindful of this advice.

Spend Time Looking for Optimal Dimensions

Door lite kits for commercial properties come in a lot of different standard sizes. You can avoid the wrong selection by looking at the particular dimensions of your doors and also determining how much clarity you want these lite kits to provide after they're installed on your doors.

You also might examine door lite kits in person. You can then see the various sizes up close and better estimate what size will work best for your property. If the standard sizes don't look like they'll work, there's always the option of having them customized. You'll just have to pay more and wait longer for them to be shipped.

Look for the Right Safety Features

Door lite kits for commercial properties are coveted for their safety features, but these will vary depending on the kit you purchase. Some safety features will play more of a factor than others. For instance, door lite kits that are fire-rated can help in the event of a fire emergency.

Lite kits that have tempered glass also will benefit your work site in case the kits are impacted in a severe way. Even heavy-duty force won't cause the tempered glass to easily shatter and get everywhere. 

Assess the Many Finish Options 

Although not as important as the more practical aspects like size and safety features, the finish is still important to think about. You want the lite kits to look good after being installed in your commercial doors after all.

The finish options are pretty varied and include colors like black, brown, red, and silver. Looking over these options, pay attention to the finish of your door. You might want to go with the same color to create a cohesive look, preventing your door lite kits from sticking out too much. 

Door lite kits are important resources for a lot of work sites that receive heavy foot traffic and warrant extra security. Buying a set can work out in your favor if you're aware of what your property needs and spend time making sure you're buying a high-quality set that can hold up for years.