Three Applications For ABS Sheets

Plastic ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) sheets have a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. ABS plastic is frequently used for it's thermoplastic properties, which allow thousands of re-molding without losing structural support or strength. If you are interested in using ABS sheets as a part of your business, then you can make, among other things, computer keys and wall socket guards, and you can supply ABS sheets for DIY hobbyists.

Computer Keys

ABS sheets are used to make the computer keys found on personal computers and laptops around the world. ABS plastic can be melted under high amounts of heat, but it's also a very durable plastic, so it can handle the pressure, friction, and oils that come with long-term use on a computer. Computer keys are probably one of the easier applications for ABS sheets, as unlike other applications there will most likely be less molding in order to bend and shape the keys. However, you will need to cut and mold them for each individual key, plus print text to match.

Wall Socket Guards

Another nearly ubiquitous application of ABS sheets are wall socket guards, used to protect the socket from damage and harm over time. To be specific, these guards are not the typical metal ones that surround nearly every set of sockets, but the plastic guards you can buy if you have a toddler or child you are worried about. Sometimes, these guards are made from a blend of ABS plastic and PC, or Poly-Carbonate, plastic. PC plastic has a high amount of heat resistance, which is helpful to reduce the risk that the ABS plastic used in the guards will melt or otherwise bend.

DIY Projects

Finally, ABS sheets are also used in a variety of DIY projects as-is, without attempts to remold it in any capacity. Instead, the sheets are cut to the proper dimensions for the project's needs. Many people will use ABS sheets for their durability and ease-of-use for desks, stands, racks, and car stereo projects. Technically, even if DIY hobbyists never buy the sheets themselves, they do use ABS for their tools - ABS is used as a cover for various hand tools, for many of the same reasons that it is used for keyboards. If you're interested in just selling ABS sheets straight-out, then you may have more customers than just manufacturing companies.

ABS sheets are incredibly useful, from keyboard keys to socket guards to even DIY projects. If you are looking for a new material for an industrial or manufacturing business, then consider taking advantage of ABS sheets.