Hydraulic Pump Rebuild — Key Actions To Perform

Hydraulic pumps make it possible to move fluid effectively throughout a hydraulic system, leading to optimal performance. If you have one of these pumps and it reaches a point where a rebuild is viable, then make sure you perform a couple of actions.

Be Diligent With Inspections  

One of the first parts of rebuilding a hydraulic pump that has damage or performance issues is inspecting it. This lets you know what exactly is wrong and thus what warrants a repair. You can have success with this first stage if you remember to be diligent.

Don't try to rush through this inspection just so you can get to repairs. Take as long as you need to go over each part of the pump, including its bearings, motor, shaft, and casing. The more diligent you are in assessing these components, the more impactful and strategic you can be with a hydraulic pump rebuild.

See What Best Practices Hydraulic Experts Recommend

Hydraulic pump rebuilds have been a process for many years now and that means professionals have had the time to figure out best practices for them.

As such, you should find out what they are before you ever start your own hydraulic pump rebuild. This way, you can create clear plans and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

For instance, hydraulic experts may want you to break down this pump a certain way or focus on specific parts that have a high probability of failing. Just follow these best practices to the letter and you'll have an easier rebuild to look forward to.

Perform an Adequate Number of Performance Tests

Something you'll need to do throughout a hydraulic pump rebuild is test this system to make sure your actions have the right type of impact. You just need to make sure you perform an adequate number of tests that give you plenty of data to review.

Then you'll know when to stop performing repairs and part replacements because you'll see the right data in performance tests. These assessments might focus on the pump's ability to avoid leaks and remain at a certain pressure level. 

If you have a hydraulic pump that's not giving you the right type of performance you're looking for, rebuilding it is a viable option. It will save you costs on a replacement. You just need to create some plans for how you will approach this rebuild and things you'll monitor closely. 

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